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Confidence Redefined Workshop

Confidence Redefined by Charissa Zoe

About the Workshop


Charissa Zoé is a makeup artist with over 10 years of experience creating beautiful makeup looks on clients around Jamaica and the world. Yet, despite working in beauty, she often did not feel beautiful herself. Confidence and self-worth were a seemingly lifelong struggle for her, as she battled with truly understanding her own value.


Then, something clicked.


Through therapy and deep personal work, she began to overcome her battles, and embrace a strong inner confidence, that ultimately, changed her life. 

The Confidence Redefined Workshop is a combination of her passion and expertise in makeup artistry, and a transformative hands-on session on self-worth and confidence. Charissa combines her knowledge of makeup artistry with her experience in overcoming these struggles, sharing proven methods on how to eliminate low self-esteem. The two-hour workshop includes:

  • A 1-hour hands on makeup class covering the basics of makeup application from start to finish;

  • A 1-hour interactive confidence session;  

  • A goodie bag inclusive of makeup products, branded notebook and motivational material.

Participants are sure to leave with applicable knowledge in makeup application and in improving their self esteem. The Confidence Redefined Workshop has been called "amazing", and an experience that "so many young girls need" from past participants.


Charissa's personal Confidence Redefined journey has been featured in:

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Book the Confidence Redefined Workshop

Workshops can be held at most meeting locations, conditions apply.


Minimum number of participants is ten (10) persons. 

Minimum notice of one (1) week is required for bookings. 

Please complete the form, and an estimate will be shared via email. 

For one-on-one makeup classes, please book here.

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