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Beat the Heat- Your Guide to Long Lasting Makeup

Beat the Heat- Your Guide to Long Lasting Makeup

The Beat the Heat Makeup eBook is the ultimate resource on how to maintain a longlasting makeup look that can withstand heat, sweat and oil. Based in Kingston, Jamaica, celebrity makeup artist Charissa Zoé Clemetson knows the implications of blazing temperatures on makeup application. With over a decade of experience in the beauty industry, she has heard hundreds of complaints from clients desperate to keep their makeup in tact for long days and special events.

This eBook is a comprehensive and practical approach to makeup application, ideal for the novice and pro alike. Beat the Heat includes specific product recommendations and application techniques, ensuring the reader is able to apply their learnings immediately.


Global temperatures are on the rise, but with the Beat the Heat eBook, makeup enthusiasts are one step closer to keeping their glam on.


Cost: $30 USD/ $3,500 JMD

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